Ninox Landing Page Generator

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Ninox Landing Page Generator Challenge

Ninox Landing Page Generator

Winner prize: $99

Vishnu Winner

Finished: 01 May 2020

Ninox Landing page Web-app builder Automation Design

With Ninox you can quickly build a variety of custom solutions, no matter if you need an application for your business or for personal use. With the database you’ve built, you can easily connect your Ninox account with a variety of other web services and platforms or just integrate it within your own website.

This time we are challenging you to use Ninox to create a custom Landing page generator. The generated layout of your data scheme can then be exported into your favorite export format such as a JSON. JSON is an open standard file format which is used by most of the web services you know in order to interchange information and data between different systems.

You can use, for example, Wix (or any other website tool) to import the shared JSON and easily create your landing page. 

To get the JSON from your Ninox Table, you can use the “Share this view” function. You can find a detailed tutorial under:

If you are familiar with HTTP requests/calls and handling JSON, you can also try to automate this using an API connected to the Ninox database:

You can sign up for your free 30 day Ninox trial under:

We are excited to see what ideas you come up with!