COVID-19 UK Updates App

Submission for the Challenge COVID-19 Integromat Challenge


I’ve always loved Integromat, better value, and makes a lot more sense visually and logically, than some other options which don’t make me “happier” as their marketing might suggest…

I’ve created a simple app, with Push Notifications. Using Integromat’s COVID-19 data and the OneSignal app, I’ve setup a daily push update and users are auto-registered when installing the app. However the app goes deeper than that, and the Integromat scenario updates multiple WordPress Custom Post Type posts, with Custom Fields, using the WP API (had to use Integromat’s HTTP app, as my WP API uses JWT Auth).

There’s a main screen which has a few buttons on, including the option to share the app’s homepage (link below)

Then there are screens for:
1) UK data - 4 separate sub-screens which each have a refresh button for the specific data on that screen, that runs via the WP API.
2) World Data - there will be some stats on here about the global situation (not news)
3) Survey Questions about the app user, relating to the virus to find out what kinds of symptoms people have and how long they have it for - answers are anonymous.
4) About the app and about who made it (a little self promotion!)

The app is free and won’t contain any paid adverts! It even has a mention of Integromat in the About section :D

It will be submitted to the app store (Android only) but may be taken down after the Pandemic is resolved.