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Submission for the Challenge Glide Instagram Challenge

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Dimitris Kamaritis

Hey guys! Here is my submission for the Instagram App Challenge built with Glide.

Video of how I built this app coming soon on my Youtube Channel 👉

Here are some of the app features:
🔺User Login
🔺User Profile Creation - User can add their Name, Profile Picture and Bio
🔺Posting - Users can make posts from their profile by uploading a title, caption and image
🔺Newsfeed - All posts that users make appear in the newsfeed for all users to see.
🔺Post Details - When a user clicks on a post they get all the details associated with that post. That includes the post caption, a link to the owner’s profile.
🔺Like and Comment - Users can like a post which in turn adds it on their ‘Liked’ list in the newsfeed and they can also comment on a post.

Please let me know what you think and what other features I can add 😎