Portfolio Viewer

Submission for the Challenge Google Sheets + Glide Challenge

Stock Tracker Glide Trading

Max Eisenbeiser

Portfolio Viewer is a stock viewing app designed to keep you up to date on your entire portfolio


• Portfolio

Enter any stock ticker to view its current price, volume, change percent and more

• Stock Logo

This app will display the stock logo so that you can quickly find the stock you are looking for

• History

Enter a date into the “Historical Data Search” section of any stock to see it’s history. View its open price, close price, high and low for any day available recorded by google finance

• Currency

Enter any currency when you add a stock to have the values automatically translated. Works with all compatible google finance currencies.

• Share Tracker

Enter in the amount of shares and buy price to view share net value, share net value per share, and shares total value

• Links

This app has three links per stock (TradingView, CNBC, and Yahoo), so that you can easily see more in-depth information from credible sources