Weekly Weather - What to expect from your week ☀️

Submission for the Challenge Integromat Automation Challenge

Twitter Integromat Bot Automation

Aditya Krishnan

Get your updates on what to expect from your week. Weather-wise. ☀️

Gives details on:

✔️ Stargazing opportunities 🌠
✔️ Special conditions in your city (Haze, Tornadoes, Dust Storms, etc.) 🌪️
✔️ Most likely weather during the week (Clear, Cloudy, Thunderstorms, etc.) ⛈️
✔️ Humidity spikes on particular days 💧
✔️ Windy days 🎐
✔️ Overall temperatures of the week 🌡️

Give it a try ⚡️ https://twitter.com/WeeklyWeather ⚡️

Just drop a DM with your city name. Expect a reply in a maximum of 15 minutes (Long response time because of my plan limitations 😅)